Isiah Thomas With Cheurlin Champagne

Thomas, who has evolved from player to coach to entrepreneur, sees dozens of business proposals come across his desk each month.

“We get 15 to 20 a month, and 15 to 20 of them are just bad.”

But, when the one from Cheurlin landed on his desk Thomas was intrigued.

Cheurlin sought a partner to help them get their product into the USA, and, admits Thomas, “I like to do the things that everyone says cannot be done, and many people said this could not be done.”

Known for his business savvy and philanthropic endeavors as much as his storied athletic career, Isiah and his wife Lynn wanted a healthier, great tasting champagne without the added sugar.

Isiah is quick to point out, “it had to be reasonably priced and it definitely couldn’t come with a headache the next day.

It took years but that’s exactly what we found in Cheurlin Champagne.”

In France, Thomas Cheurlin dreamed of taking his family’s champagne to the U.S., where he would introduce American consumers to “grower champagnes,” environmentally-friendly champagne production, and the superior taste harvested from Cheurlin grapes.

The recent partnership between Isiah Thomas and Thomas Cheurlin may seem unlikely, but when you see these two men together, you find great similarities. Both men share a devotion to honesty and hard work, a commitment to excellence and collaboration, a passion for giving back, and a love of great champagne.

After forming their alliance, ISIAH Imports was born and Cheurlin Champagnes was introduced to the United States.

It was an honor to host Isiah, to celebrate his newly developed partnership and introduce Cheurlin Champagne to the Seacoast.