The Women of One Hundred

Celebrating Women’s Professional Accomplishments

Creative dishes come to life from behind the burners. Logistics, events, and superior service magically unfold on a daily basis. In the spirit of celebrating the success of women in the restaurant industry, we want to acknowledge the Club’s female role models who have chosen to pursue their careers with us. These dedicated industry professionals consistently work to make your experiences at the One Hundred Club stand out as exemplary!

With almost 20 years of combined Club experience, we are proud to say that the majority of staff making hospitality happen for our members are women. Previously of Portsmouth’s Row 34, Sous Chef Marisa brings with her a vast knowledge of seafood from around the world, as well as a flair for colorful Asian-inspired dishes. If you have ever tried a Vegan/Vegetarian dish, or indulged in our special pastries or desserts, you most likely have experienced the work of Chef Gretchen, formerly of Auberge’s Calistoga Ranch in California.

During the daytime, Dana, Managing Director and “Catch-All” Guru, and Rebecca, take care of the members from reservations, dining, event detailing, and corporate meeting services. Lori in Accounts Payable, keeps us all balanced.

When the sun sets, it is our animal-loving Rikki, active military logistics coordinator, Jacinta, and beloved Club veteran, Jillian, who make sure Members are cared for- from soup to nuts. Presley, at the Front Desk to welcome, bid you “good evening”, and assure any last-minute details are properly carried out.

This month we will be recognizing female hospitality professionals by utilizing the color purple, the symbolic color of Women’s History Month, as ingredients in a few of our specials. Our intention is to honor women’s achievements, as well as bringing to light gender equity through spirits and libations inspired by significant New Hampshire women and female industry pioneers. Keep a look out for them on social media and on your plate. Please join us in acknowledging their passion and talents!

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