The One Hundred Club | Club Community

Here at the Club we are often asked what type of person makes a great candidate for membership and the answer is always the same – someone who values social experiences and interactions and enjoys a facility that focuses on giving the best experience on a daily basis.

Private clubs were once perceived as exclusive enclaves for the ultra-wealthy. A place where only the select few could gain access and an heir of secrecy (or thick cigar smoke) clouded the on goings of these posh institutions.

Gone are the days of the ‘old boys’ culture that was once synonymous with the exclusive private club experience. Here to stay are Clubs that embrace the spirit of social exchange and welcome a diverse group of members from many different backgrounds and sectors. Members who find value in social interaction through robust events schedule, and environment that promotes networking and camaraderie.

Today, successful private social clubs are building memberships by taking in ‘inclusive’ approach to creating a community of members that can celebrate their different points of view and perspectives.

Here at The One Hundred Club, we have always taken the stance of “inclusive, exclusive Club”. Since day one we have welcomed all walks of life to join and have given those who had joined the exclusive rights to membership.  We pride ourselves on welcoming new members into the Club and making them feel at home.

For the last 15 years, The One Hundred Club community has grown to include the leaders of community and business in the Seacoast area. Our diverse membership is made up of professionals from over many different industries. From filmmakers, entrepreneurs, politicians and athletes to investors, manufacturers, models, builders, writers and professors—The One Hundred Club is truly an ‘inclusive, exclusive Club’. We look forward to continuing the diversity of membership here at Club.

If you would like to see what really goes on at New England’s’ finest Private Club, please contact Neil Gibb to schedule a tour of the facility and to learn more about the benefits associated with membership.