Membership Referral and Renovation Update

Greeting esteemed Members,

Thank you for all of your patience over the last 6 months as you have undoubtedly endured many questions about swirling rumors regarding the future of your Club. We have heard everything from “the Club is moving to the “Wharf”, “Demeter’s took over the Club” and the most laughable of all “the Club will be open to the public”. We can assure you that these rumors are not true.

The truth of the matter is that we have been working diligently since early spring to negotiate new lease terms that allow for renovations and upgrades of your Club. We will be building a new custom 20 seat bar with a comfortable lounge and dining areas, a new event space and user-friendly work spaces for daily use. A raw bar, live music, and an expanded wine program are all in the works as we strive to create the Ultimate Private Club experience for our Members who have supported the Club for over a decade.

Can you help?
Construction is slated to begin in January 2020 and we need your help! We are expanding the footprint of the Club and in an effort to continue to grow the membership with quality individuals we will be accepting new members on an ‘Invitation Only’ basis. This means that we are counting on you for your quality referrals.

Do you have a work colleague, neighbor, friend or family member who is interested in joining the Club?  From now until the end of the year we will be conducting a ‘Membership Drive’ with a goal of adding 25 new memberships. All new Members added before January 2020 will receive current pricing and membership benefits, including complimentary room fees and no minimum spending requirements.  In January 2020, the dues and benefits structure will change dramatically for all incoming new members.

Current Membership Pricing

What’s in it for you?
In addition to helping us maintain the high caliber of individuals that currently hold memberships to the Club, for every new member that you refer you will receive a $500 food credit.

How can you help?
To qualify for the $500 food credit, please send an email introduction to Neil Gibb.
The individual(s) that you refer will be invited to tour the Club, make a reservation and sign up for one of two scheduled open houses one on October 24th and November 21st beginning at 5:30pm.

Other ways to help:
If you are interested in showing your support as a major donor, we have naming rights for our new event space and a limited number of “Legacy” Lifetime Memberships available. Please contact Neil Gibb for further details.

Thank you as always for all of your support.
See you at the top!