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When Circumstances Create Leadership Dilemmas: How to Overcome Competing Agendas

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
12:00 – 1:00
Power Lunch

When Circumstances Create Leadership Dilemmas:

 How to Overcome Competing Agendas

Today’s business leaders are often faced with dilemmas. There are several challenging circumstances that they have to navigate as part of dealing with the realities of running a business.   At times a leader knows the future of the fate of decisions being made in and on the business and the people involved, yet for legal or strategic reasons, they must keep the details confidential for a specific period of time.


Some of the scenarios in your world may include:

  • Knowing that someone is going to be moved to a new position, but not being able to say anything
  • Knowing that a project is going to be cancelled
  • Knowing that a vendor is going to be fired
  • Knowing that a big change initiative is going to be announced
  • Knowing that your company is going to be sold or acquired

These scenarios are all a reality in business. But the gap between knowing and making others aware is often extremely stressful for leaders today.


How does a leader with values rooted in integrity and transparency handle sensitive situations without stress or struggle?


In this not-to-be missed session, Chris Yonker will share with you insights to remove stress and worry, and break free of the purgatory leaders live through.

Chris Yonker1 - Copy

By attending this Power Lunch, you will learn:


  • How to maintain integrity
  • How you can become a leader who influences change in your organization to really minimize these situations
  • The number one contributor to the worry and how you can prevent it
  • How to remove drama
  • Where stress is rooted and how to eliminate it
  • Removal of double bind messages
  • How to make split second responses you will not regret

Light lunch will be served.  Register Now to Reserve your spot:

$25++members | $30++non-members

Still not sure?  Here’s what folks who attended Chris’ Power Lunch in September had to say:


“I took 6-pages of notes during Chris Yonker’s Power Lunch – unquestionably, the most productive lunch hour of the year!”  Charles Gaudet – CEO, Predictable Profits


“The amount of meaningful and insightful information presented in such a concise and digestible format was a huge win! I have shared the concept of “empowering beliefs” to my team with great success. I would recommend that anyone who is looking to gain the upper hand on their business and personal life should spend a lunch learning from a master learner!”  Tod O’Dowd – President Avery Insurance


 “A great and insightful presentation this afternoon. Your acumen into how to uncover true functionality within both small and large organizations was enlightening. I came away more fully aware of how to enhance trust with my fellow team members. I am looking forward to applying some of the principles you taught within my organization. Bravo!”  Chris R Donovan – Director of Pharmaceutical Research
Lifeline Neurodiagnostic Systems Inc.
Exeter, NH

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