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Monarch School of New England Member Social | June 14, 2017

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Partnership: a joint or group relationship bound together through affiliation, collaboration; a connection to enhance one’s product or service.

Partnering is a philosophy practiced by the Monarch School of New England since its early days, over 47 years ago.

As many of The One Hundred Club Members know, the Monarch School of New England is a day school that serves children and young adults with significant disabilities, ages 5 to 21. Located in Rochester, our school serves over 25 school districts within New Hampshire and southern Maine.   We have long embraced a collaborative approach in our work. In teaching functional life skills, we reach out to regional partners who embrace our mission and purpose, so that our students may become productive citizens in the workplace.

It is through a collaboration of The One Hundred Club partners that our dream has become a reality for the Monarch School of New England’s new regional high school and vocational center. Its completion in June 2017 will provide our students the necessary environment and equipment to properly prepare them for front line or support positions in the workplace. With the flexibility of our modular classrooms, the school can integrate changes and demands quickly to meet the evolving needs of the workforce.

At this month’s social, we would like to not only celebrate this new high school/vocational center, but the reality that it was through many members and friends of The One Hundred Club that helped make it happen:


The Bank of New Hampshire, a new member of The One Hundred Club, embraced our project and took a major philanthropic lead with a generous donation of tax credits coupled with competitive pricing for our construction/permanent financing loan. Bank of New Hampshire is deeply passionate about their mission of exceeding customer expectations, providing positive support to their employees while enhancing the communities where they live and work.   Their overwhelming support gave us the foundation to begin the process;


DeStefano Architects has been a long-time partner to the Monarch School of New England.   With their commitment to environmental sensitivity, this project was right up their alley and they jumped in with a stunning design, tax credits and philanthropic package the school could work with;


Jewett Construction, led the charge on gathering together a group of subcontractors that were able to meet the financial constraints of the school, working tirelessly to bring the costs below original projections and then pledged to completely outfit the woodworking vocational room;


The Provident Bank states their mission is to lead the way in strengthening the region’s economic development. Without a blink of an eye the executive team made a significant investment in our school’s workforce development/vocational program with tax credits;


Eastern Propane & Oil with deep family roots in the region and a long-time member of the One Hundred Club, has a commitment to its community to give back through its philanthropic work.   With a complete understanding of what it takes to provide state of the art training for workforce development, Eastern stepped in fully prepared with a HVAC system and tax credits;   


Eastern Bank’s Anthony Demers, is also a member of the Monarch School of New England Board. Anthony assisted as the financial lead with our new member Bank of New Hampshire in ensuring the school was in a solid position to secure, maintain and sustain its continued success with the addition of the new school;


Rockingham Electric when hearing about the project, worked with the winning electrician to make sure that we received the best pricing and materials to help meet our budget.  It was a momentous task, but they came to the table with passion and purpose to make this happen;


And, if it weren’t for Neil Gibb, the founder of The One Hundred Club, the Monarch School of New England would not have had the opportunity to be here. His vision, passion and understanding of the work we do, opened the door and his heart to the school.

The list goes on, as countless members of The One Hundred Club have in some way or form, assisted in helping the school achieve its long awaited goal of a regional high school and vocational program, suited to the needs of Monarch School of New England’s students, and the workforce development market.

Lastly and most importantly, it isn’t just about the gifting, it the passion each company or person has for our community and the belief that we all can make a difference in the lives of children and their future. Believing that this investment will be returned back to the community through new relations, partnerships or business with the Monarch School of New England.   A core philosophy we practice every day.

For these new relationships, we will be forever grateful, and we look forward to toasting all of you at our June 14th social event.

So the next time someone asks, “is it worth joining The One Hundred Club?” “You bet it is” you might say, “because this is where you will find passion for collaboration, partnership and success.”


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