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CEO Roundtable: The Employee Mindset Revolution

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
12:00 – 1:00
CEO Roundtable


The Employee Mindset Revolution: What If You Could Change How Your People Think, React & Act? 

 Will your culture be able to adapt so you can maintain the integrity of the values on which you founded your company while still making the changes you need to increase retention of the new generation of leaders?

We’ve seen the industrial revolution, the technology revolution and the knowledge worker revolution. What’s next? The Employee Mindset Revolution.

Today, most businesses have established a culture that isn’t aligned with employee mindset. Let’s face it, your new employees, as well as those who are just getting ready to enter the workforce, are not going to adopt to your views on how the world operates. In the last five years, 87 percent of Millennial workers took on management roles vs. 38 percent of GenX and 19 percent of Boomers.

When you focus on shifting your employees’ mindset—everything from how they view “negative” things that happen to them to how they think about their choices and their lives to personal development and health—you can align your work culture.


In this Executive Roundtable, you will walk away with:


  • Three specific mindset shifts that could change your entire culture. 
  • The knowledge of how to begin to develop mindset with your employees.
  • Ideas on how to actually change beliefs and paradigms that are holding your company back.
  • The understanding of why focusing on mindset is more important than teaching traditional leadership skills. 


Light Lunch will be served. Register Now to Reserve Your Spot:



Join Chris Yonker on November 2, to learn what you must do to shift the mindset TODAY that will lead to increased productivity, higher retention, and overall alignment in your business.


Still not sure?  Here’s what folks who attended in the past had to say:


“I took 6-pages of notes during Chris Yonker’s Power Lunch – unquestionably, the most productive lunch hour of the year!”  Charles Gaudet – CEO, Predictable Profits


“The amount of meaningful and insightful information presented in such a concise and digestible format was a huge win! I have shared the concept of “empowering beliefs” to my team with great success. I would recommend that anyone who is looking to gain the upper hand on their business and personal life should spend a lunch learning from a master learner!”  Tod O’Dowd – President Avery Insurance


 “A great and insightful presentation this afternoon. Your acumen into how to uncover true functionality within both small and large organizations was enlightening. I came away more fully aware of how to enhance trust with my fellow team members. I am looking forward to applying some of the principles you taught within my organization. Bravo!”  Chris R Donovan – Director of Pharmaceutical Research
Lifeline Neurodiagnostic Systems Inc.
Exeter, NH


About Chris:

As a lifelong student of human potential, CHRIS YONKER embraces a uniquely collaborative and experiential approach to professional and personal development, one that encompasses the principles of leadership, personal mastery ,martial arts, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). He works with senior executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities who aspire to top levels of performance and achievement. His gift is in helping people define their improvement initiatives, set realistic goals for executing them, and align their natural abilities with their core values to create extraordinary outcomes, both in business and in life.


Early on, Chris was impressed by the variety of ways in which people addressed challenges in their lives, handled pressure, or overcame adversity to achieve their goals. Whether he is addressing the qualities that make great athletes excel on the field of battle, drive musicians to the top of their craft, or motivate businesspeople to step up and reap greater rewards for their work, Chris tailors his message of achievement. Having recognized and maximized his own breakthroughs, he knows how to set people up emotionally for success. He excels at establishing an environment of mutual trust in which his clients can find their “zone,” stay locked in, and stave off professional burnout.


Drawing upon his broad-based experience of working with Fortune 100 companies, passionate entrepreneurs, celebrities and top sales professionals, He is a highly sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator whose programs are engineered to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of high-end achievers. An accomplished martial artist, Chris integrates valuable lessons learned from Sanchin-Ryu Karate—in which he holds a 7th degree black belt– into his client engagements.


Chris also recently published his book Soul Intention.


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