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Executive Breakfast Roundtable | November 1, 2017

The Art of Agility: Anticipating and Taking Action in Business


Wednesday, November 1st
8:00 – 9:30


CYonker Nov 1

Not long ago, you could go to your local Blockbuster to pick up a movie for the weekend. Blockbuster at one time was king of the industry and had the chance to buy Netflix, yet declined. Meanwhile, their extreme willpower and inability to adapt to the market caused them their eventual demise.

The art of agility is knowing that just as soon as an organization refines its process to scale and ramp up efficiencies, the market shifts.

Let’s face it, the climate of our business world today is one engulfed with change. Change is not only the new normal…it has been accelerated.

Consider this:


According to the Forbes Leadership Forum, most strategic plans fail.

We are drowning in information. According to Forbes, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race.

Most organizations often judge the pace at which they do things based on internal measures and factors. (A huge mistake.)


The key to long-term growth and stability is learning how to be agile. How fast can you adapt, avoid blind spots, be proactive, mobilize, and drive change?

Whether it is changes in leadership, restructuring your business, a shift in strategic plan, or overcoming revenue challenges, your ability to move in a thoughtful and organized way is critical.


Join Executive Performance Coach Chris Yonker and
Strategy Consultant Justin Van Epps
at The One Hundred Club on November 1st
where you will learn:


The difference between being proactive and reactive in business, and which will assure you are not caught on your heels.

How to mobilize willpower and decision making into taking action.

The top key metrics CEOs miss that predict an upcoming storm in your business.

Why key employee retention is more important today than ever and what the best companies are doing to retain talent.

Where the Executive Team should be spending the majority of their time to ensure the future of the business.


This Event has Limited Space.  Light Breakfast will be served. Register now to Reserve Your Spot:


$15++members | $20++non-members

CYonker Nov.1

Justin Van Epps

Still not sure?  Here’s what folks who attended Chris’ Power Lunch in September had to say:

“I took 6-pages of notes during Chris Yonker’s Power Lunch – unquestionably, the most productive lunch hour of the year!”  Charles Gaudet – CEO, Predictable Profits


 “The amount of meaningful and insightful information presented in such a concise and digestible format was a huge win! I have shared the concept of “empowering beliefs” to my team with great success. I would recommend that anyone who is looking to gain the upper hand on their business and personal life should spend a lunch learning from a master learner!”  Tod O’Dowd – President Avery Insurance


 “A great and insightful presentation this afternoon. Your acumen into how to uncover true functionality within both small and large organizations was enlightening. I came away more fully aware of how to enhance trust with my fellow team members. I am looking forward to applying some of the principles you taught within my organization. Bravo!”  Chris R Donovan – Director of Pharmaceutical Research
, Lifeline Neurodiagnostic Systems Inc.

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