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Sharing Creative Space | Member Spotlight April 2017

This Month, we are shining the spotlight on our April Member Social Sponsors:

Sharing Creative Space

ATA Outdoor, Marcom4 and RiverWorks Printing



On Wednesday, April 12th, we were once again privileged to have 3 incredible companies as sponsors of our first Spring Member Social.

ATA Outdoor, Marcom4 and Riverworks Printing all conveniently share creative space in Greenland, NH. This creative cocktail hour was filled with great ideas and fun giveaways!

We’d like to congratulate the following Members who were the lucky recipients of the golf umbrella raffle:



ATA Outdoor is a 25-year-old outdoor media management agency that can help you reach the highest concentration of consumers throughout northern New England, with wrapped transit buses, bus shelters and billboards. www.ataoutdoormedia.com

Marcom4 is a full service creative agency that is owned by two creative veterans, each with over two decades of experience. Marcom4 has created effective marketing strategies and award-winning creative for clients in the electrical manufacturing sector, electrical distribution sector, transportation industry, finance and healthcare. www.marcomfour.com

RiverWorks Printing is your source for eco-friendly signage and home décor. Commercial, large format printing that makes your business look good with simple and effective solutions; wall art that keeps your style intact.  Sound, sustainable practices ensure that shop waste is kept to a minimum. Recycling and re-purposing take the forefront with our customer service. www.riverworksprinting.com

Sharing creative space WordPress

“Sharing Creative Space”:   Creativity, brand awareness and big impact all live under one roof in Greenland.

IMG_4037 IMG_3973 IMG_3975 IMG_4039

Sincere thanks to everyone at ATA Outdoor, Marcom4 and RiverWorks Printing for sponsoring such a successful Spring Social.  Many thanks to all our Members who were able to join us, as well!


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