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October 2016 Member Spotlight: Fred C. Church Insurance

This Month, we are shining the spotlight on our October Member Social sponsors:

Fred C. Church Insurance



On Wednesday, October 12th, Members packed the River Room once again for our October Member Social gathering, this time sponsored by Fred C. Church Insurance!  The festive, autumnal beer was flowing, and New England Fall menu was a huge hit!

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For 150 years, Fred C. Church Insurance has been dedicated to providing insurance and risk management services. They are proud of the long-lasting relationships they have established and the many referrals they receive from their satisfied clients.  We welcome you to learn more about Fred C. Church Insurance by clicking here.


The monthly Member Social has continued to be a rewarding opportunity to network and mingle with fellow Members, and October’s was no exception!  Fred C. Church Insurance did not disappoint as they shared what sets them apart and how they have been able to provide value and improvement to our beloved Portsmouth community.  If you are looking to expand both your business & social network, we are looking forward to seeing you in November for our Member Social!

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